ICTP 2024

Data for Modelling Atomic and Molecular Processes in Plasmas

This joint IAEA-ICTP Workshop is a 5-day series of lectures and computing practical exercises to help early-career plasma physicists develop an understanding of the techniques used to model and simulate the radiative and collisional properties of plasmas. The topics chosen are those relevant to the modelling and spectroscopic analysis of plasmas at the atomic level with applications to fusion, astrophysics and industry. Where relevant, the rapidly enlarging field of Artificial Intelligence will be related to the topics covered, with practical examples and exercises supporting the lectures and demonstrations.

The School will be held at the ICTP, near Trieste, from 18 – 22 March 2024.


  • Fundamental principles of spectroscopic diagnostics
  • Advances in experimental plasma diagnostic techniques
  • Calculations of atomic and molecular structure and properties
  • Collisional-radiative modelling
  • Online codes for the calculation of ionization distributions and spectra
  • Spectroscopic characteristics of non-Maxwellian and highly transient plasmas
  • Spectral line broadening
  • Astrophysical spectroscopy
  • Plasma opacity
  • Principles of evaluation and uncertainty quantification of atomic and molecular data
  • Data management and dissemination


  • Christian Hill, International Atomic Energy Agency
  • Kalle Heinola, International Atomic Energy Agency
  • Dipti, International Atomic Energy Agency
  • Yuri Ralchenko, National Institute or Standards and Technology, USA
  • Sebastiján Brezinsek, Forschungszentrum Jülich, Germany

Local Organizer

  • Sandro Scandolo, ICTP