About the Atomic and Molecular Data Unit

The Atomic and Molecular Data (AMD) Unit operates within the Nuclear Data Section (NDS) of the International Atomic Energy Agency. Its primary objective is to establish and maintain internationally recommended numerical databases of fundamental atomic and molecular (AM) data for fusion energy research and other plasma science and technology applications. The particular data relate to the following AM properties and processes:

Unit Staff

Christian HillUnit Head
Kalle HeinolaAtomic Physicist
Ludmila MarianScientific Data Manager
Marco VerpelliNuclear Data Analyst/Programmer
Khadidja BenyahiaSSA Consultant on Atomic Collisional Data

The AMD Unit can be contacted by email at fusion-data@iaea.org.

IFRC A+M Subcommittee

The activities of the Unit are reviewed by the International Fusion Research Council Subcommittee on Atomic and Molecular Data for Fusion (IFRC A+M Subcommittee) which recommends policies and programme priorities on a biennial basis.
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