Kalle to represent IAEA at US Congress, the 43rd Symposium of Fusion Power Associates and at the 2nd Steering Committee meeting of Women in Fusion6 December 2022

Congressional Briefing at the US House of Representatives on Developing a Diverse Fusion Energy Workforce.

The IAEA and Women in Fusion are co-hosting an event in Washington DC, USA to brief members of Congress and other policy-makers on the key considerations in building a representative and diverse workforce in the emerging field of fusion energy research.

Fusion Power Associates

43rd Annual Meeting and Symposium on Fusion Energy: The Road Ahead

2nd Steering Committee meeting of Women in Fusion

December 7 – 8, 2022, Washington DC, USA

Call for Proposals to participate in the Injected Impurities CRP14 June 2022

The call for proposals for Research Agreements and Research Contracts within the AMD Unit's new Coordinated Research Project, F43026: Atomic Data for Injected Impurities in Fusion Plasmas is now open.

For information about how to submit a proposal, please see the IAEA's Coordinated Research Activities page or contact the AMD Unit by email.

Kalle to represent the IAEA at the first Women in Fusion Steering Committee Meeting20 May 2022

Kalle will travel to ITER for a two-day meeting of the Women in Fusion Steering Committee from 24 – 25 May 2022.

26th Meeting of the Data Centres Network: Report Available13 December 2021

The Report of the 26th Meeting of the Data Centres Network is now available online.

Joint ICTP-IAEA Workshop: Data-Driven Research on Plasmas13 December 2021

The Joint ICTP-IAEA Workshop on Data-Driven Research on Plasmas starts today. Welcome to all participants and speakers!