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10 Groups are associated with the keyword: Highly Charged Ions.

Atomic and Molecular Physics Group (Ma Group) Institute of Modern Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IMPCAS), China
Atomic and Molecular Physics Group, Institute of Experimental Physics I Justus Liebig University, Giessen, Germany
Atomic Spectroscopy Group National Institute of Standards and Technology, United States of America
Crespo Group Max Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics, Germany
ITER Plasma Modelling and Analysis Section ITER, France
Kadyrov Group Faculty of Science and Engineering, Curtin University, Australia
LIBPhys-UNL Faculty of Science and Technology, Nova University of Lisbon, Portugal
Plasma Spectroscopy Group, NIFS National Institute for Fusion Science, Japan
Theoretical Spectroscopy Group Vilnius University, Lithuania
Wei Group Fudan University, China