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Atomic Spectroscopy Group

National Institute of Standards and Technology

The mission of the NIST Atomic Spectroscopy Group is to measure, calculate, critically compile, and disseminate reference data on atomic properties and fundamental constants in support of basic research, commercial development, and national priorities. The group scientists perform measurements and analysis of atomic spectra from neutral and ionized (including highly-charged) atoms, collisional-radiative modeling, calculation of various atomic parameters etc.


100 Bureau Dr, NIST, Gaithersburg MD 20899-8422, USA
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Phone: +1-301-975-3210


Collisional-Radiative Processes Dense Plasma Physics Dielectronic Recombination EBIT Electronic Structure Calculations Experiment Highly Charged Ions MCDF Motional Stark Effect Non-LTE Processes Optical Spectroscopy Plasma Diagnostics Spectral Line Intensities Theory Trapped Ions Tungsten Uncertainty Quantification VUV/EUV Spectroscopy X-Ray Spectroscopy