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Atomic and Molecular Physics Group (Ma Group)

Institute of Modern Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IMPCAS)

The research fields mainly cover ion/electron-atom/molecule collision dynamics, precision dielectronic recombination spectroscopy of highly charged ions, and atomic laser spectroscopy.

The experimental works were carried out at the heavy ion cooler storage ring (CSR) and the 320 kV platform for multiple disciplinary research with highly charged ions in Lanzhou. DR experiments of 36, 40Ar15+, 40Ca17+, 40Ar14+, 40Ca16+, 40Ar13+, 56Fe17+, 58Ni19+, and 112Sn35+ HCSs were carried out, and the absolute DR rates as well as plasma rates were obtained. A series of benchmark data were collected which could be applied in the studies of plasma and astrophysics.

As for charge exchange processes, angular differential cross sections and state-resolved cross sections for single electron capture, double electron capture, transfer ionization of highly charge ions with atoms were measured with/without excitation of target ions in the velocity range of 0.3 to 2 a.u. Molecule fragmentation induced by electron and ion impact were identified and the fragmentation mechanisms were studied. Fragmentation / dissociation of charged atomic / molecular dimers due to Inter atomic/molecular Coulombic Decay, Radiative Charge Transfer, or proton transfer were investigated, and the results are very helpful for understanding the radiation damages of the environment effects in tissues induced by energetic particles.

In addition, the group investigating the strong Coulomb coupling effect, which plays an important role to understand in astrophysics, warm dense matter, and inductively coupled plasmas, by taking the electron spectroscopy and laser spectroscopy of the ultracold plasma from the photoionization of the cold atoms in a magneto-optical trap.


Xinwen MA
Institute of Modern Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Lanzhou, 73000, China
Group Website
Phone: +86 931 4969 346

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