Preparatory Consultancy Meeting for the Injected Impurities CRP

This meeting will confirm the scope of the AMD Unit's Coordinated Research Project (CRP) on Atomic Data for Injected Impurities in Fusion Plasmas and identify potential participants and practical ways for the dissemination and curation of data resulting from the project.

Specific issues to be addressed are:

  • What data are needed for modelling the atomic and molecular physics of injected impurities?

  • Are impurities both for power mitigation and for plasma diagnostics in scope?

  • Which species should be in scope: certainly, N and Ne (maybe also Ar?) for power control in the divertor area; Li, B and BN for edge plasma regions; others?

  • Which processes are of greatest importance (collisions with H/D/T/He/e-, radiative line strengths), and which energy ranges (1 – 100 eV up to several keV for ELMs)?

  • What is the importance of molecules to the CRP, e.g. in the formation of NHx isotopologues in the sub-divertor region?

  • How are data incorporated into models like SOLPS-ITER and how can integration of new data be facilitated?

  • Which database services does the community use, need and want?

  • Is the interaction of impurity species and/or their derivatives with reactor component surfaces in scope, such as formation and sticking of NHx; vapour formation and interaction with plasma species; etc ?

  • How much experimental data is available, in what form, and can it (how can it) be stored and curated for future use or analysis?

Guide for Meeting Participants


2 participants from 2 countries.

Xavier BONNIN ITER, France
Ralph DUX Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics, Garching, Germany