The Atomic and Molecular Data Unit establishes and maintains numerical databases of fundamental data for fusion energy research, and facilitates collaborative international research in the production and evaluation of such data. Read more.

Atomic Processes in Plasmas: 15 – 19 May 202317 March 2023

The 21st International Conference on Atomic Processes in Plasmas will be held at IAEA Headquarters in Vienna from 15 – 19 May 2023.

MoD-PMI 2023 Dates Announced17 January 2023

The International Workshop on Models and Data for Plasma-Material Interaction in Fusion Devices (MoD-PMI 2023) is organized in cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) for the sixth time. The event, which will be held in Aachen, Germany from 29 – 31 May 2023, will bring together researchers from the areas of fusion energy and materials science to review advances, both experimental and in modelling, in the study and understanding of processes relevant to plasma-material interaction (PMI) relevant for fusion devices and reactors.

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Collisional cascade due to a 200 keV primary knock-on atom in tungsten
An illustration of the simulated collisional cascade in tungsten caused by the impact of a 200 keV neutron.
Image courtesy of Andrea Sand, University of Aalto.