The Atomic and Molecular Data Unit establishes and maintains numerical databases of fundamental data for fusion energy research, and facilitates collaborative international research in the production and evaluation of such data. Read more.

Kalle represents the IAEA at the PSI-26 conference13 May 2024

Kalle will represent the AMD Unit at the 26th International Plasma-Surface Interaction conference, taking place in Marseille, France from 12 – 17 May 2024.

His poster is P4-084: Update on IAEA activities on plasma-surface interactions and plasma edge processes.

Khadidja Benyahia joins the Unit8 April 2024

Welcome to Khadidja Benyahia, who joins the AMD Unit for 3 months from Tlemcen University, Algeria! She will be working on CollisionDB, a new plasma-material interaction database and machine-learning solutions for atomic and molecular data.

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Collisional cascade due to a 200 keV primary knock-on atom in tungsten
An illustration of the simulated collisional cascade in tungsten caused by the impact of a 200 keV neutron.
Image courtesy of Andrea Sand, University of Aalto.