MoD-PMI 2021

The workshop series provides a bridge between fundamental computations and interpretation of experimental data; it addresses a variety of processes spanning a wide range of scales including erosion, transport and trapping of hydrogen and helium in the wall, changes in the material microstructure, composition and morphology.

Further relevant information about the workshop and information on how to register to the event can be found at the workshop website.


  • Direct use of first-principles quantum mechanical codes (DFT and beyond).
  • Optimization of parameters used in multi-scale methodologies.
  • Molecular dynamics, kinetic Monte Carlo, Rate Equation studies of PMIs, irradiation damage processes and morphology evolution.
  • Uncertainty quantification of theoretical and experimental PMI data.
  • Implantation of energetic particles, sputtering mechanisms of materials relevant for nuclear fusion.
  • PMI and neutron irradiation effects to material surface composition, morphology and material microstructure evolution.
  • Experimental approaches and setups for analysis of PMI effects, such as TDS, PAS and microscopy methods incl. TEM, STM, AFM.