Preparatory Consultancy Meeting for the Molecules in Edge Plasmas CRP

The proposed Coordinated Research Project (CRP) on the Formation and Properties of Molecules in Edge Plasmas will collect, evaluate and recommend fundamental data concerning the formation, spectroscopic properties and reactions of molecular species in the boundary plasmas of magnetic-confinement fusion devices. Amongst other objectives, It will establish a trusted repository of evaluated data concerning the molecular species, particularly metal and nitrogen hydrides, relevant to the diagnostics and safety assessment of fusion energy reactors.

This meeting, to be held in Room M0E-16 at IAEA Headquarters in Vienna from 20 – 21 April 2023, will set out the scope of the CRP, identify potential participants, determine code comparison, benchmarking and evaluation activities, and establish a outcomes, performance indicators and a timeframe for the project.

Guide for Meeting Participants


8 participants from 4 countries.

Christian HILL IAEA
Sebastiján BREZINSEK Forschungszentrum Jülich (FZJ), Germany
Åsa LARSON Stockholm University, Sweden
Kevin VERHAEGH Culham Centre for Fusion Energy, United Kingdom
Stefan MIJIN Culham Centre for Fusion Energy, United Kingdom
Ioan F. SCHNEIDER Université du Havre, France