Consultancy Meeting on the Evaluation and Distribution of Atomic Data for Nuclear Applications

This Consultancy Meeting will bring together experts on the photon and electron interactions with matter relevant to particle transport modelling for physics, medical and engineering applications to assess and recommend methodologies for verifying, curating and distributing the data in the Electron Photon Interaction Cross Sections (EPICS) library and related resources. The meeting will propose a roadmap of activities and software development to ensure the long-term sustainability, integrity and reliability of this important and widely-used database, with applicability to similar data resources hosted at the IAEA.

We aim to hold this meeting, in-person, at IAEA Headquarters in spring 2021. More exact dates will be set as soon as possible.

EPICS and its predecessor libraries, EEDL (Evaluated Electron Data Library), EADL (Evaluated Atomic Data Librarl) and EPDL (Evaluated Photon Data Library) is a suite of databases providing data on the interaction of photons and electrons with matter and the relaxation of ionized atoms to neutrality through photon and Auger electron emission. It is provided in the Evaluated Nuclear Data File (ENDF) format for use in coupled electron–photon transport calculations, and to produce accurate macroscopic quantities, such as energy deposition and dose.

It is used in many codes, including:

  • EGS(nrc) (Electron Gamma Shower),
  • FLUKA (FLUktuierende KAskade),
  • Geant4 (GEometry ANd Tracking)
  • ITS (Integrated TIGER Series of Coupled Electron/Photon Monte Carlo Transport Codes System)
  • MCNP (Monte Carlo N-Particle Transport)
  • Penelope (A Code System for Monte Carlo Simulation of Electron and Photon Transport)


5 participants from 2 countries.

Christian HILL IAEA
Maria Grazia PIA Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare, Italy
David BROWN Brookhaven National Laboratory, United States of America