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Li Group: Atomic, Molecular and Plasma Physics

Lanzhou School of Nuclear Science and Technology

We focus on the interactions between electron and photon from atomic, molecular and cluster targets. Reliable atomic structure data and various rate coefficients, such as excitation, ionization and recombination processes are nowadays required in many different research fields from impurities transport in fusion devices to astrophysics, to XCT and extreme ultraviolet lithography (EUVL). We also investigated the high-Z plasma spectra both experimentally and theoretically using collisional-radiative model.

In addition, the group investigating the interacting between Actinide molecules and environments, which are expected to be useful for fission reactor and nuclear waste treatment.


Bowen LI
School of Nuclear Science and Technology; Lanzhou University; Lanzhou 730000; P. R. China
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Collisional-Radiative Processes Dielectronic Recombination Distorted-Wave Approximations Elastic Scattering Electron – Ion Collisions Electron – Ion Recombination Electron – Molecule Collisions Electron Impact Dissociation Iron Spectroscopy MCDF Plasma Diagnostics Plasma Impurities Tungsten VUV/EUV Spectroscopy