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Chakrabarti Group

Scottish Church College

Electron-molecule collision calculations

We perform electron-molecule collision calculations involving small molecule and molecular ion targets to study electron induced processes such as elastic scattering, electronic and vibrational excitation, dissociation etc. using the R-matrix method. Our main interest lies in the of study these processes for molecules and molecular ions relevant for low temperature plasmas that occur in astrophysics, industry and edge plasmas in fusion devices such as JET, ITER etc. We also study other collision induced processes such as dissociative recombination (DR) and dissociative electron attachment (DEA) in collaboration with other groups using molecular data from our structure calculations.

Molecular structure calculations

We perform calculations for molecular states, both bound and resonant, using the R-matrix method. Particularly, our data on the neutral and anionic resonant states, which are known to be important for DR and DEA, are used by other groups for DR and DEA calculations.


Associate Professor Kalyan Kumar CHAKRABARTI
Department of Mathematics, Scottish Church College, 1 & 3 Urquhart Square, Kolkata 700 006, India

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