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Song Group

Korea Institute of Fusion Energy

My research group is studying to acquire overall data for plasma understanding, including physical and chemical physical data of electrons, ions, atoms and molecules constituting plasma and characteristic data through measurement of plasma state.

Molecular structure, Physical and Chemical parameters

We calculate the molecular structure, the electron affinity (EA), the ionization potential (IP), the polarity (α), the Lennard-Jones (σ, ε) parameter, the thermodynamic data, structure and energy characteristics of excited electron states.

Electron collision processes with Molecules

We measure the cross section of the molecule by electron collision and can be calculated by using R Matrix.

Experimental apparatus of the Song Group at NFRI
Experimental apparatus of the Song Group at NFRI.
Data evaluation

Since 2013, we have been running an international expert assessment meeting to evaluate atom, molecular and surface interaction data required for nuclear fusion research. Up to now, evaluation of CH4, C2H2, NF3, NxOy, H2O and the like has been carried out.

Plasma characteristics diagnostic studies

We constructed Plasma integrated diagnosis system in RIE type plasma reactor. It consist of OES, Cut-off probe, Mass / energy analyzer, Langmuir probe, VI probe and High voltage probe. Particularly, Mass / Energy Analyzers are installed on the substrate to measure the species and energy distribution of neutral species, ions, and ions entering the substrate in order to measure the kinds of neutral species, ion species, and energy distribution incident on the substrate.

Plasma processes and diagnostic systems
Plasma processes and diagnostic systems.
Development of plasma modeling and simulator

We developing a multi-dimensional simulator for low-temperature plasma analysis based on plasma fluid model based and the data optimization.

Activities for the dissemination of data

We also developed a user friendly web system and disseminate data in the world.


Mi-Young SONG
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Collisional-Radiative Processes Electron – Molecule Collisions Plasma Diagnostics R-Matrix calculations Theory