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CascadesDB is a database of molecular dynamics simulations of collision cascades, developed by the IAEA to enhance the usage and long-term curation of collisional cascade simulations for the analysis and prediction of radiation damage in materials for fusion and fission applications.

URL: https://cascadesdb.iaea.org/

Host Institution: IAEA

Contact: Christian HILL

Update status: Continuously updated.

Collisional Cascades Fusion High-Entropy Alloys Machine Learning Material Science Molecular Dynamics Molecular Interactions Radiation Damage Steel Tungsten

NIFS Databases

A suite of databases of fundamental atomic and molecular data for fusion applications developed and maintained by the Atomic and Molecular Research Center at the National Institute for Fusion Science, Japan.

URL: https://dbshino.nifs.ac.jp/nifsdb/

Host Institution: National Institute for Fusion Science (NIFS)

Contact: MURAKAMI Izumi

Update status: Continuously updated.

Atomic Spectroscopy Collisional-Radiative Processes Collisions in Plasmas Electron – Ion Collisions Electron – Molecule Collisions Fusion Plasma Diagnostics