About CollisionDB

CollisionDB is a database of plasma collisional processes, curated by the Atomic and Molecular Data Unit at the IAEA. It currently contains 122,568 datasets.

The latest release of CollisionDB is available here: v2024.1 (.zip, 516 MB)

Searching CollisionDB

Click here to search CollisionDB:

Datasets compiled from published references may be browsed here.

A list of species (in any quantum state) is also available.

You can also browse the Fit functions library.

Contributing to CollisionDB

We welcome contribtions of datasets for CollisionDB. Please refer to the documentation for preparing data for submission.

Identifying Species and States in CollisionDB

The species involved in the CollisionDB processes are identified using the conventions of the pyvalem library:

Quantum states are specified in any order using the following conventions:

Please contact ch.hill@iaea.org with any questions or comments about this prototype data service.